Monday, February 4, 2019

Gun Control Myths

Whenever anybody is hurt or killed and a gun is involved, the gun gets blamed. They call It "gun violence." But when somebody gets stabbed or beaten to death, they don't call it, "knife crime" or "blunt instrument violence." Nor do they call it "car violence" when somebody is killed in an auto accident. Why then, do they insist on calling it "gun violence" when somebody is injured or killed and a gun is involved, in any way? The answer is, the anti-gun fools want to EMPHASIZE any connection with a gun in violent crime to promote their drive to disarm law-abiding Americans to make it easier for the law BREAKERS to victimize them. In one case in Washington State, a suspect in a murder was found with TWO stolen guns in his possession. It is doubtful if he stood for a "background check" for those stolen guns. which is another indication that gun laws DO NOT WORK. The only people who actually obey gun laws are law-abiding people, who are normally not the offenders in "gun crime." It is the law BREAKERS who commit crimes, for the most part. And they don't OBEY laws. So why do the anti-gun fools expect them to obey their gun laws? So what good are all their silly laws? The fatal flaw in "gun control" is that they expect LAWBREAKERS, who obey NO laws, to somehow obey THEIR laws, which they do NOT. (Liberty Park Press)

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