Thursday, February 7, 2019

Gun Control No Answer

The very first thing that seems to go through the minds of everybody when something like the school shooting in Florida occurs is gun control. The very thing that makes it much easier for a potential shooter to get an ILLEGAL gun to use in such atrocities. They demand of their politicians, "Why didn't you support that gun control law that was just voted down?" That's because they've been taught, every day, in the liberal media, that such laws DO "stop gun violence," but REALITY intervenes, showing that they DON'T. But that same liberal media doesn't report that. It doesn't fit their narrative. The liberal media in this country fully supports the anti-gun fools in making their USELESS laws that limit the right of the law-abiding to be able to have guns to use in defending themselves and others. If they have any intelligence at all, the anti-gun fools have to know their laws are USELESS, and only CONTRIBUTE to "gun violence" by disarming the law-abiding. But apparently, they aren't intelligent enough to realize that, or they know it, and just don't care. Instead of looking for the real causes, they continue to rely on what does NOT work, while people die. (Just common sense)

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