Monday, February 11, 2019

"Sauce for the Goose"

“Is sauce for the gander.” Virginia Lt. Governor (Dumocrat) Justin Fairfax is asking us not to “rush to judgment” on the sexual abuse accusations against him. Something the Dumocrats did not extend to Republicans under similar (unproven) accusations. Most notably in the case of now Justice Kavanaugh whom they very nearly derailed in the effort to approve him for membership in the Supreme Court. There was no call for an FBI investigation into the ACCUSERS in that case, only the ASSUMPTION that he was guilty. I don’t know if Fairfax is guilty of sexual assault, or not. Only time will tell—I hope. But it is very interesting how Dumocrats don’t worry about PROVING such things when the subject is a Republican, but it’s a very different story when it’s THEIR butts that are in the sling. I think the big problem in this case is the corruption that seems to be permeating Virginia politicians. There is so much racism in the past of so many politicians that you could throw a dart at a list of Virginia politicians and hit a racist—at least, in his/her PAST. In the fifties, it was the thing to be in the South. And if you can’t get them with racism, then pony up sexual abuse. A favorite Dumocrat tactic. (The Hill)

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