Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Pelosi Got It!

Nancy Peelosi worked hard to get elected Speaker in the new 2019 Congress. Yet nobody is a worse choice to be Speaker. She “presided” over the big Dumocrat LOSS in the 2016 election that got Donald Trump elected president, in spite of all their “fixing” things in many ways to get Hillary elected. First of all, they only allowed ONE politician to oppose her in the primaries, and he is an ADMITTED socialist—something a majority of Americans scorn. To add to that, they fixed things so that, no matter how many primaries he WON, Hillary always came away with more delegates. Then during the election itself, none of their vote-stealing schemes were able to get her close enough to Trump so they could “put her over the top.” They thought they “had it in the bag” right up to 9 PM on election night, when reality began to creep in and they began to see the possibility of losing. Up to then, they were popping champagne corks and celebrating the “first female president” UNTIL the final vote totals came in, and Trump was to be the next president. So Nancy morphed them into the “hate Trump” bunch, where nothing Trump could do would ever get him any credit in their captive liberal media. Something that is guaranteed to cause them to lose the next presidential election with an even bigger margin than before. It’s like a four-year long tantrum. And THIS is supposed to convince Dumocrats to re-elect her Speaker? In the end, they did. Dumocrats are stupid that way. (Just common sense)

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