Friday, February 1, 2019

11,000 More Alien Voters

I noted recently that the State of Texas revealed 39,000 illegal alien voters in the last election, and asked if that “discovery” would make any difference in the results of the election. Now Pennsylvania has revealed yet another 11,000 illegal alien voters. What we need to do is check out EVERY state to find out how many MILLION illegal aliens have voted—and how many of those votes went into Dumocrat candidates. I’d bet most, if not ALL of them. Obviously there are ways to detect illegal alien voters, but they are not used until AFTER the election, which is too late to affect the election. Such votes need to be detected DURING the election, so they can be discounted. Dumocrats will call that “disenfranchising” people, and I agree. But those voters NEED to be disenfranchised, because non-citizens are not allowed, by LAW, to vote in our elections. Currently, the Dumocrats have things set up to go their way in all things. They have made sure that Dumocrats RUN just about ALL elections, so they can keep things like this quiet until AFTER the election, when it is unlikely to affect the result. Thus, more Dumocrats get elected, in spite of their damned fool notions. (Town Hall)

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