Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Most Americans Hate It"

"But we like it, so we're gonna promote it." That's what the NY Times says (hidden meaning in what they DID say). They decided to do a piece supporting "gun control," so they brought in (hired) a bunch of "experts" to examine all the things that have been done to promote gun control and decide if America was "with them." Of course, EVERY one of those "experts" is a well-known ANTI-gun fool. So you know what their "determinations" are going to be. Strangely, they determined that a majority of Americans did NOT like "gun control," but that they should continue to promote it, anyway. They only brought these "experts" in so they could SAY they based their "findings" on the work of "experts." They did not say what KIND of "experts they were. They CLAIM that a"majority of Americans support gun control," and that is an absolute LIE. They do NOT. They HATE it. But NYT refuses to admit that. By gathering a bunch of KNOWN anti-gun fools together and CALLING them "experts" while excluding everybody who knew ANYTHING about guns, they have produced an excellent piece of anti-gun propaganda. Which, I'm sure, was their goal. (Truth About Guns)

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