Saturday, January 7, 2017

Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

The anti-gun fools are mortified that so many places are increasing the issuance of "concealed carry" licenses. For them, way too many "irresponsible" gun handlers are getting licenses to carry their HATED guns. Now, in S. Carolina, one ignorant REPUBLICAN wants DMV to issue stickers to be REQUIRED to be placed on the license plates of people who have concealed carry permits. What part of "concealed" does this fool not understand? They're so afraid people will have the means to defend themselves against the MILLIONS of illegal guns out there that they want to do ANYTHING to let the "bad guys" know who has that means. It is this kind of damned foolishness that makes it OBVIOUS that their intent is to make honest people DEFENSELESS against those "bad guys." Not "get rid of guns," as they say. If they did want to "get rid of guns" in the hands of malefactors, they wouldn't do stupid things like this. This is very much like the "Star of David" the Nazis required Jews to wear during the holocaust. (Gun Free Zone)

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