Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Record Gun Sales

Records show 2.6 MILLION guns sold, just in December--and the month isn't even over, yet. That's the culmination of 17 MILLION guns sold this year! December sales look like there are many people giving guns as Christmas gifts. That "falls behind" the 2015 figure of 2.42 million, which was a record at that time. But it contributed to record overall sales for this year. Researchers say this "uptick" in gun sales is fueled by the recent mass shootings and the "regular" shootings in Chicago. People want NOT to be defenseless when criminal shooters come to their area. And they will. They LIVE there. Nobody talks about the millions of ILLEGAL guns sold each year, because nobody can count them. So they ignore them, and try their best to limit LEGAL gun sales, which does NOTHING to reduce criminal shootings, and instead, INCREASES the number by making law-abiding people DEFENSELESS. The incompetence of the anti-gun fools proceeds apace. (Ammoland)

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