Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Ministry of Truth"

One of the famous establishments portrayed in George Orwell's prophetic book, "1984," which was created to change LIES into "truth." But one of Obama's "last shot" actions is to create his own "Ministry of Truth," in a measure BURIED in the "Defense Appropriations Bill," a "time-honored" way to get something passed into law with nobody knowing about it until too late. It has now passed, and it IS too late, unless Trump can get it repealed, as soon as possible. Frankly, I doubt most Republicans even knew it was in there, the way they pass bills into law without bothering to read them. What this law amounts to is CENSORSHIP on the "right," in violation of the Constitution. What they claim they're doing is "uncovering" fake news and publishing "truth." Funny. That's what I've been attempting to do for years, mostly to combat the "fake news" put out by the very people claiming to be doing it, now. What they call "fake news" is usually TRUTH that counters THEIR lies. By "their," I mean the liberal media and what they spout, often provided to them by the government. (Just common sense)

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