Thursday, January 5, 2017

Playing the Game

The liberals better be careful with their "fake news" crap. Two can play at that game, and the right has many more examples of "fake news" put out by the left than they'll ever find *(unless they falsify them) on the right. Yes, we're already looking, but I predict that, as they "fact-check" "right-wing sources," we will intensify our search and "fact-check" the LEFT-wing news sources, most of which are engaged in spreading 'fake news" every day. One recent example is the liberal media's handling of the young Muslim woman who CLAIMED (falsely) that she was attacked in the subway, had her hijab removed, and it was all done by men shouting "Trump!" They uncritically, and with NO fact-checking, ran with the story until the cops, after further investigation determined it was a false report, and arrested her. Turns out she was already in trouble with her parents for her lifestyle and was out drinking and wanted to divert her father's anger. There are many more examples, and everybody remembers the TV story about Chevy trucks "exploding" that was falsified by a network. Then there are the phony stories liberal media spouts to advance their narrative against guns. They'd better be careful what they raise. It might raise against THEM. (Just common sense)

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