Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It's DEMOCRAT Fake News

The Democrats are really upset over "fake news" they SAY is coming from right-wing sources. One of those is Fox, another is Breitbart, and many others, including NRA. But the biggest purveyor of "fake news" is the Democrat Party. One of the best known recently is the story that Russia has some "damaging information" on Trump, but they won't release it, because there ISN'T any. It's all in their fevered minds, All it is, is an effort to convince the country that there IS "damaging information" out there about Trump, even though we'll never see it. And they'll attribute that to a "Trump coverup." They know all about coverups. They're good at it, because they've had to cover up so much. That's more that resides in the "fevered brains" of Democrats. Another is the story about Russia "hacking us" in an effort to help Trump get elected, because they like him. Yes, Russia hacked us. EVERYBODY hacks us, and we hack them. Hacking is a regular part of inter-country relations. It was NOT an effort to help Trump get elected. It was "information gathering," pure and simple. But the Democrats seized on it, hoping to delegitimize Trump's election. (Yahoo Finance)

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