Friday, January 6, 2017

Sweeping the Country

School Boards and legislatures all over the country are "considering" and even sometimes APPROVING allowing school staff to be armed. It has been approved and written into law in some places, and is close to being approved in Horry County, SC (what a name!). But they're fighting over who should be allowed, at the school, to say "yea of nay" on each individual who wants to carry his gun into the school. One gun store owner says, "Why should you lose your Second Amendment rights because of your job choice or what building you go into?" He said further, "I think this is a much better choice than to simply advise children to hide under their desks or jump out the window." They may be fighting over details, but they're moving in the right direction. Having armed people NOT in a uniform so they can be "picked off" before the actual shooting begins is the best idea. (WMBF News)

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