Sunday, January 22, 2017

Democrat Delaying Tactics

The Democrats no longer have the power to dictate the appointments to a new president's Cabinet. All they can do is delay, delay, delay. SEVEN of Obama's appointments had already been approved the day he took office. Not so much for Trump. Only TWO of them, so far, have been approved, and way too many departments have no heads, until the Democrats quit playing around and making up phony excuses for holding things up. All of Trump's appointments WILL be approved, unless something bad that's REAL is discovered in somebody's background (which is not likely). The Republicans have a big enough majority to make that happen, if the Democrats will stop "dragging their feet," as they must, soon. Mitch McConnell says the Democrats are doing it because they're frustrated at having lost the election, and should "grow up." (Face the Nation)

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