Monday, January 23, 2017

Libs Ain't Gonna Like It

Obama had the Centers for Disease Control (of all organizations) to do a study on gun control, and their determination is something anti-gun fools (of which Obama is one) ain't gonna like. They found that "self-defense is an important deterrent." Not something Obama wanted to spend $20 million dollars (of our money) to find out. He could have simply called me, and I'd have told him, with NO cash outlay. Or he could have called any other pro-gun person and THEY'D have told him. But he isn't interested in that. He thinks we don't know anything. He thinks HE is the only one out there who knows ANYTHING. The many times he has been proven wrong do not make a dent in his confidence that he knows it all. Meanwhile, other anti-gun fools continue to make USELESS "gun laws" that do NOTHING to reduce gun violence, but INCREASE it, by disarming honest people, making it easier for ILLEGAL gun owners to victimize people. (Rare)

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