Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One More Outrage

Obama seems to be piling up the outrages these days. He apparently wants to do as much damage as he can, so Trump will be so busy reversing his outrages that he won't be able to get to repealing Obamacare very soon. For the first time, he didn't veto the UN's interference in the internal affairs of Israel, something that will not be easy to reverse, if not impossible. Then he made a "rules change" (something not requiring congressional approval) making it impossible for people like me, at near 80 years of age and DEFENSELESS against the young fools who look upon me as "easy pickings," to get the means to "level the field" when they accost me. They now have banned anybody getting SSI for a disability from being able to have a gun for self defense. One more outrage in his long list, but fortunately, this one is easy for Trump to reverse. I guess criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists haven't killed as many "old folks" with disabilities to suit Obama and he wants to make it easier for them (the bad guys). I hate to say something like this about our outgoing president (good riddance), but it has become ever more clear that he wishes us ill and is going to do as much as he can to injure, or kill us before he "rides off into the sunset." (Federal Register)

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