Monday, January 16, 2017

They Will Not Understand!

Chicago is now up to 50 PLUS shootings and 12 deaths in one weekend, but they have learned NOTHING from this. The Chicago "top cop" just went on record calling for even TIGHTER gun laws. He says, "Obviously, the penalty for using a gun is not enough." Which shows a complete IGNORANCE of human nature. A person bent on murdering someone is not going to worry about how tough the penalty is for using a GUN with which to kill that person! They don't figure on being caught. So, yes; make the PENALTY for USING a gun higher and higher, to keep gun-using CRIMINALS off the streets longer, but STOP keeping guns away from law-abiding people so they can't defend themselves against those ILLEGAL gun owners! Keeping guns away from law-abiding people makes it EASIER for those thugs to victimize law-abiding people. And allowing the law-abiding to have guns WILL reduce gun crime, after they KILL a bunch of illegal gun-wielding criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. (CBS Chicago)

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