Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hillary's Delusion

She thinks ANY effort to keep her from the presidency is subversion of our country. She just can't understand the fact that America is TIRED of being LOOTED by Democrats, and DID something about it. She can't accept the fact that she was a completely UNSUITABLE candidate, and the voters voted accordingly. Her presidency would have equaled a THIRD TERM for Obama, and the voters didn't want anything to do with that, He has done enough to ruin this country's economy, while he causes racism to prosper. She thinks, like most elite liberals, that they have a "divine right" to "rule" us, and nobody else should have that right. She KNOWS Trump is going to upset many applecarts, and she will be responsible for it. And she doesn't want that, as she "rides off into the sunset" with Obama and the rest of his crowd. (American Thinker)

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