Thursday, January 26, 2017

Raging Against the Law

There is a kind of idiocy in this country I just can't understand: normally law-abiding people who think abortion is okay. Abortion is MURDER! It's infanticide! Killing an infant is just about the most EVIL thing you can do, but way too many people not only condone it, they PRACTICE it. My views on abortion are well known, and they have cost me the friendship of many people, who think abortion is okay--some of whom have DONE it. Some more than once. How they can justify this is a mystery to me, since I abhor murder. Nazi Germany condoned the murder of MILLIONS of Jews. You can't convince me that the average German had no idea what was going on in those ovens. Abortion is our holocaust. It has cost us MILLIONS of innocent lives, and for what? For the CONVENIENCE of the parents, who want to have unprotected sex, but would rather KILL the result, rather than take the responsibility of raising that result. Yes, there are cases where abortion is morally required--like to save the life of the mother. Rape and incest is NOT. Just because the mother was raped should not dictate a death sentence for the child. The child can be adopted--and there's no shortage of willing adopters. Favoring abortion over birth control is favoring MURDER. How can ANYBODY of even average intelligence, approve of it? Yet people do, and others simply ignore it. (American Patriot Daily)

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