Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump Panic

The Democrats are in "panic mode." They never expected Trump to win the presidency. They thought "the fix was in" and Hillary was to be "crowned" the next president, and all their scams would remain intact, even though Trump PROMISED to get rid ot them. They SAY Trump is one of the most unpopular people ever to become president, not explaining just how, if he was so unpopular, he got enough votes to get the MOST electoral votes in recent history in spite of all their efforts to "short-circuit" him. Yes, he IS "unpopular" with the government swindlers (in both parties) who are in office now, and who will "lose it all: when he gets to the Oval Office. And that has them in a state of panic.

I believe the main reason he has "low numbers" in the polls is that most of the polls are run by Democrats, or liberal sympathizers, who "tweak" their polls to make it LOOK like he is unpopular, as they did while he was "ripping through" the Democrats in the election, while they said he could "never win." Rep. John Lewis is one example. He bases his OPINION that Trump is not a "legitimate president" on the horse manure put out by the Democrat Party about Russia "skewing" election results (by letting the TRUTH out about Hillary). He says this is the first time he has not attended an inauguration, which reveals either a very faulty memory, or a LIE. He did not attend Bush's inauguration, either. (Just common sense)

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