Monday, January 30, 2017

No Muslim Ban, Dammit!

I can't believe the colossal FOOLS there out there in the Democrat Party! And even some in the Republican Party, who swear that Trump's order for further questioning of some people coming in from certain countries was a MUSLIM ban. They also ignore the fact that ALL of those affected have been released, and allowed to come into the country. They've been told, over and over, that is is NOT, and the order has been logically explained that it only affected Muslims who want to KILL Americans for not "converting" to their phony "religion." Additionally, it does not affect people COMING BACK from visits to these countries, or others who LIVE here, but it was read to include them to make trouble. It is only incidental that those affected are Muslims, because ONLY Muslims want do do that. It is NOT a "religious test," and never has been. But these people just WON'T accept that, so they can complain. Only IGNORANT people just cannot understand that, or simply don't WANT to. The big problem with the action was that it was properly issued, but badly EXECUTED by "holdover" Obama officials who want to do everything they can to disrupt Trump's administration, from the very first day. (USA Today)

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