Friday, January 6, 2017

Democrat Panic

There are many small demonstrations going on, in a number of places, screaming that "Donald Trump is not COMPETENT to be president!" They cry that he will NEVER "occupy" the Oval Office! How they're going to stop him, I don't know, with a majority of real Americans voting him into office, I don't know. Maybe they plan on killing him, I don't know. That's the ONLY way they're going to make that snivel come true The Democrats PAID people to foment riots to support their position, trying to make it LOOK like a majority of the American people are against Trump. But it ain't a workin'! They think Trump is going to "destroy the country." But what he IS going to do is destroy "THEIR country." He is going to get rid of the liberal moles who have dug their way deep into the body of this government, and they are deathly afraid of that, because they know THEY are those moles. They make a big thing about Hillary getting more POPULAR votes than Trump, hiding the fact that FOUR MILLION illegal aliens voted ILLEGALLY in this election, yet they could only get 2 million more popular votes counted. They tried all their dirty tricks and election stealing scams, and he won by so much they were not effective. (Just common sense)

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