Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Only the Liberals

Only liberals--only women--could get away with a misogynistic march billed as "The Pink Pussy" March, basically against guns (what else?). What would happen if some MEN came with a march named, "Pink P-cker March?" They'd be laughed out of town at the very least, and JAILED at worst. Combining for this march are many lefties, including Planned Parenthood (baby killers), LGBT (they lost their "Q" somewhere), anti-gun fools (of course), CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), Muslims trying to help anybody who wants to make trouble, and other lefties. These people come up with the stupidest concepts for their silly demonstrations and think they will DO something for their "cause." They won't. They only make them subjects for ridicule. Somebody they respect needs to tell them they LOST. But even that wouldn't do any good because there ISN'T anybody they respect who isn't as stupid as they are. Notice, the woman featured in this article is the wife of a DEMOCRAT Congressman. Surprise, surprise! (The Hour)

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