Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Wall Is Symbolic

Trump has long talked about building a WALL at our southern border. But a wall, by itself, will not keep illegal aliens from sneaking into this country. To work, that wall must be seriously patrolled, and those attempting to climb over it or tunnel under it must be ARRESTED, and imprisoned. Not just "sent back home." IMPRISONED, and THEN sent back home. And if they return, even once, given an even LONGER prison term before sending them home, again. That's what Mexico does, yet they will whine mightily if we do something similar. And those who commit crimes here should be dealt with severely. Under Obama, illegal aliens could even get away with MURDER, and have nothing happen to them except to be "sent home," repeatedly. They come here and drive drunk, and kill people, and only get "sent home," often coming back, time and time again. And nothing is done except to "send them home"--sometimes. All that is going to change under Trump, and it's about time. He'll probably build it, as promised. He does that. But without the rest, it is USELESS. (Just common sense)

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