Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Next Gun Law

As usual, Chicago's mayor blames laws from other states for his "gun problems." It doesn't occur to him that disarming his citizens and making them DEFENSELESS in the face of an ILLEGAL gun in the hand of a criminal just MIGHT be responsible. It's not LEGAL gun owners that are the problem. Most of the people shot are criminals, themselves. It's always "the next gun law" that's going to "fix" the problem. But it never does, and that means nothing to him. He goes out and looks for yet something else to blame for his own INCOMPETENCE. It also doesn't occur to him that criminals don't obey laws, so no amount of laws preventing BUYING a gun legally will EVER "stop gun violence." They will just get their guns ILLEGALLY, and usually do. Any laws made must be to more stiffly punish criminals who USE guns in their crimes, thus keeping shooters off the streets for longer periods, which WILL "reduce gun crime" while they're in prison, because of fewer shooters on the streets. Chicago Mayor Emanuel is calling for more FEDERAL gun laws--laws of the same type that do not work on a state or local level, and won't work on a federal level, either. (America's First Freedom)

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