Sunday, January 8, 2017

Releasing Gun-Toting Criminals

Obama CLAIMS he is trying to REDUCE gun crime, while his every action is guaranteed to INCREASE it. Many of the criminals he just pardoned, or whose sentences he reduced, were in prison for GUN CRIMES. How does he justify that? He doesn't; he just ignores it. If asked about it, he "clams up" and either says nothing, or "filibusters" the answer. Big cities now have a very high "gun crime" rate, mostly fueled by Obama's home town, Chicago, where, coincidentally, they have some of the tightest gun laws in the nation. So tight, in fact, that some have been declared unconstitutional. Actually, it's not a coincidence; it is a "causative action," meaning those tight gun laws FUEL gun violence. Thus, Chicago is a "war zone" where more people have been killed than IN a REAL war zone, like Iraq or Afghanistan in the same amount of time. (America's First Freedom)

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