Monday, January 2, 2017

Democrats In Denial

In November, 2016, they suffered the biggest election loss in recent history. The American people sent them a very clear message that they were TIRED of them forcing their ideas upon them. They dispensed with more Democrats at one time than at any other time in recent history. But Democrat House leader Nancy Peelosi says she "sees no need for a different platform." That shows a complete IGNORANCE on her part. Almost as ignorant as to have the temerity to tell Americans that they had to"pass the Obamacare law to find out what's in it." They think only that the American people just don't understand how beneficial their plans are. They can't swallow the truth. They're truly "in denial," and that has nothing to do with a river in Egypt. Stay stupid, Democrats! We like you that way. The stupider you are, the easier we can keep you from being able to screw us by keeping you from being elected to office. (Just common sense)

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