Saturday, January 14, 2017

Everyone But HImself

Obama is well known for blaming everybody but himself for his mistakes. His favorite whipping boy has been George Bush (the younger). But he also likes to blame Fox News, Breitbart, and every other news source he doesn't control. He just won't accept the fact that HE is responsible for "ruining his presidency." Some examples are his making gay marriage an issue, causing the allowing of MEN into women's restrooms and changing rooms if they "identify" as women, and allowing Islamic terrorists to enter this country disguised as "Syrian refugees" by the thousands, so they can kill as many Americans who don't "convert" to their phony religion as they can. He has released many, many FELONS, many of them in prison for gun charges, to menace us with their ILLEGAL guns. He has tried several times himself, and through his surrogates--to return voting rights to felons while, at the same time, turning a blind eye to illegal aliens voting, so his protege, Hillary Clinton could be elected to lead the third term of Obama. Obama did more to "ruin" his presidency than ANYBODY, but you'll never get him to admit that. (iPatriot)

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