Sunday, January 15, 2017

Criminal Prisoner Release

No, I'm not talking about releasing criminals. That would be a repetition. We know the people Obama is having released are criminals. What we don't know is the REAL reason he is releasing them. I'm talking about the CRIMINAL ACTIONS of this president, in releasing these criminals upon the world. And they ARE "criminal actions." He is releasing terrorists, to go back to terrorizing the world, and killing people. The most recent terrorists he released are "the worst of the worst." I don't think he has released the "architect of 9/11" yet, but I'm thinking he will. He has also released hundreds of domestic felons INTO this country, who will return to their previous evil machinations and kill more people. Every one of the people they, and those terrorists kill after being released are "blood on his hands," and he ought to be "brought to justice" for those murders. That means that he should be physically ARRESTED, either before, or after he leaves office, "perp-walked" in irons to a police car, and driven off to jail, there, to await trial for complicity in many murders. I know we don't usually imprison former presidents, but his actions ate too atrocious to NOT arrest and imprison him, maybe even EXECUTE him, after a fair trial. Too many people have ALREADY died because of his actions, and many more ARE going to die--and he must be called to account and PUNISHED for it. (Gateway Pundit)

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