Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Worried About Guns

A liberal prosecutor in St. Louis is worried about the guns out there (legally), so she wants to do away with the "castle doctrine" law that allows people to defend themselves if they feel threatened. It doesn't seem to matter to her that the guns she needs to worry about are mostly the ILLEGAL guns. Her concern was sparked (this time) by a situation in which a homeowner shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who was going through his car in the dark--and did it with an ILLEGALLY-owned gun. Due to an old felony conviction this man was barred from owning a gun, but he did, anyway, violating the law. Still, the law protected him from a murder charge, only subjecting him to a gun charge.

This prosecutor thinks, with so many LEGAL guns out there, that a traffic squabble would result in a shooting because one person would ASSUME the other was armed, where it wouldn't if they could do away with most LEGAL guns. Not so. It is the ILLEGAL guns that are the problem, and none of their laws have done anything about that, and won't. This man saw several what he thought were MEN going through his car and when he shouted at them, at least one ran TOWARD him, so he shot him. The mother of the "victim" says, "What he did was bad, but does rifling a car merit a death sentence?" No. It didn't. But the gun was ILLEGAL, and illegal guns cannot be covered by any laws about keeping guns out of the hands of LEGAL gun owners. That's the fallacy in the thinking of ALL anti-gun fools. (The Trace)

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