Thursday, January 5, 2017

"Guns for Cops Only"

The anti-gun fools maintain that only cops are smart enough to have guns. That if "average people" get to carry guns, it would create a "wild west atmosphere" where people would be shooting each other over parking places and slow service. Cops don't do that, they say. They can't say that any more (though they will), because of the drunken deputy federal marshal who stumbled into a Brooklyn McDonald's (only in New York) and, when he wasn't instantly served, pulled his gun and scared the hell out of the 41-year-old counterman, and the rest of the customers. While he was menacing everybody, his order came up. He paid, and left, but the cops found him and arrested him for menacing, harassment, and violating firearms licensing regulations. I would say his career as a law enforcement agent is probably over now, and for good reason. But this proves cops are just as likely (more likely, maybe) to "go off the deep end" and use their guns irresponsibly. But that doesn't make it something that happens all the time with cops, nor will it happen if normal citizens are allowed their constitutional right to be armed for self defense. (NY Post)

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