Friday, January 20, 2017

I Never Watched An Inauguration

This is the very first inauguration I've ever watched. For many years I purposely ignored them as unnecessary pomp and ceremony. A "dog and pony show" to make the peasants think something important is happening. And in many cases, I was right. Nothing ever seemed to change, no matter who was inaugurated, no matter what party was in the majority. But today is different. If Hillary was the one being inaugurated, we would be in for four more years of ignominy while she went to work to destroy this country as a constitutional republic, changing it into a "socialist utopia." As Trump is inaugurated, we see a "ray of hope" as he sets out to UNDO everything the traitor Obama did that he can. This is TRULY the most important inauguration in memory, maybe in history.

So this time, I watched it, so I could tell my grandchildren (some of whom tower over me) about it, if I still have enough time left. I've seen too many people younger than I pass away, one of the latest being actor Miguel Ferrer, and I hope I last long enough to see Trump "change" this country, for the better. The Democrats hate him with a passion, which tells me he is the best thing to happen to this country in a long time (if I didn't already know it). They SAY he will become a dictator, which shows their stupidity. They're terrified that all their work towards creating a "socialist utopia" in this country will be destroyed, and they're right. Trump has PROMISED to do that, and he usually keeps his promises. To quote an infamous American, "I finally am proud to be an American." (Just common sense)

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