Sunday, January 8, 2017

"Must Be Mainstrem"

The Democrats say they will not vote for any of Trump's appointments that are "not mainstream." Which would be fine, except they are the ones who DEFINE "mainstream," and they define it to mean, "he/she agrees with us." And they know Trump is not going to appoint ANYBODY whose political views agree with theirs. They still can't get it through their thick heads that they LOST the election. They really think they are still running things in DC. They are NOT. And Trump WILL prevail. They can "flail and whine" as much as they want, and it will do them no good. They figure everybody who doesn't agree with their socialist views is NOT "mainstream." That they are the only people in DC who ARE "mainstream." But they are NOT. And they found it out on Nov. 8th when Trump won the presidency by a HUGE margin, and Republicans, all over the country, unseated many Democrats. They lost a BUNCH of governorships, and more legislative offices than their feeble minds can even contemplate. (Just common sense)

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