Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chicago: "Showcase City"

Liberals and other anti-gun fools used to claim Chicago as their "showcase city" with the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation. But they're afraid to do that, today unless they're REALLY stupid, because Chicago is now the "showcase city" for the PRO-gun people, since all their tight gun laws do absolutely NOTHING to "stem gun violence" and instead, make it WORSE, by disarming law-abiding people, making it easier for ILLEGAL gun owners to victimize them. Now, after FOUR DAYS in which nobody was shot in Chicago made national news because it was so unusual, 40 PEOPLE were shot, and 11 of them died. Chicago is now one of the favorite "punch lines" for comedians, both voice and in print. (Mallard Fillmore)

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