Monday, January 16, 2017

John Lewis Is A Phony!

He's a Democrat hack still riding on his experiences at Selma, where he was called "some nasty names" by some DEMOCRAT racists, and slapped around a little. And he's been "riding high" on that for fifty years. To today's Democrats, that makes him some kind of a hero. Trump is being accused of "attacking" him, when all Trump did was RESPOND to HIS attack when he said he didn't figure Trump was a "legitimate president" because he has "bought the BS" being put out by the Democrats about the Russians causing Hillary to lose. Whether they did, or somebody else did it, what was revealed by hacking the Democrats was that the TRUTH about Hillary came out, and THAT'S what cost her the election, if it had anything to do with it, at all. If it did, at all, it was because Hillary was in the process of damning her OWN chances. She was a really LOUSY candidate, who thought she "had it in the bag," and didn't even campaign in some important states, because she figured they were "in the bag" for her. If anybody was "illegitimate," it was Hillary, after she and the Democrats screwed Bernie in the primaries. She shouldn't have even BEEN the Democrat nominee. Not that I'd like to see Bernie nominated, but I'd like to see him beaten honestly. (CNN)

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