Saturday, January 28, 2017

Blood On A Bun

I can't believe how EVIL some people are. The writer of this item says it's Obama's fault. I don't see how, except to figure she just had hate in her heart that was put there by Obama. Notice the woman who put menstrual blood and saliva on a customer's cheeseburger is black so you won't see much reported about this violation mentioned in the liberal media. And I will probably be labeled racist for reporting it. If she had been white, it would have appeared on the front page of many newspapers, and been a top story on television news. I don't know what specifically caused her to do such a damned fool thing, but she has been arrested for it, fired from her job, and faces five years in the pen. It should be TEN years. Anybody who would do such a vile thing has no business being in a position to work as a food service provider--EVER again--anywhere. But once she gets out of prison, she probably will, since she probably doesn't know any better. Unless she's too old. (DC Clothesline)

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