Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Was Scalia Murdered?

The facts of the case suggest that he was, and the murder was covered up with the cooperation of all "authorities" connected to the "investigation." When someone so influential dies suddenly, not under a doctor's direct care, no matter how old, and under such questionable circumstances, DEMANDS an intensive investigation, which his death did NOT get. The judge, who was a justice of the peace, said an autopsy was not necessary, and made her determination OVER THE PHONE. Anybody with a lick of sense knows that is INCOMPETENCE or a cover up of MURDER. Scalia was in the house of a Clinton friend, and was found with a pillow over his head. That last should DEMAND a thorough investigation, which it did not get. Scalia was an OBSTACLE to the liberal wish to "stack the Supreme Court" with liberals for the next few decades.

Murdering him could change the history of this entire country. And with the record of the Clintons AND the Obamas in that, his death should have been gone over with a fine-tooth comb." It was NOT. Will his death EVER be properly investigated? CAN it ever be properly investigated? This judge did something similar in another case, where a woman seems to have been placed, unconscious, on a railroad track, to be run over by a train. The judge said in this case too, that an autopsy was not necessary, since the "cause of death was obvious." It was NOT. And a proper autopsy might have revealed that. But we'll never know because the judge rushed to have the body cremated without the family's permission. Was this woman a sexual partner of a local politician who might have been ready to reveal it? And was her death staged to LOOK like she was killed by the train? Was this justice of the peace colluding with her murderer, as she possibly was in Scalia's case? (DC Clothesline)

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