Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Government Con Games

One of the biggest con games is run by the federal government. They have many cons they use to fool us into believing things. One of them is that Medicare pays 80% of the medical costs for us "old folks." They do NOT. The first thing they do upon getting the bill for a medical procedure, or just an office visit, it to slash it in half. Then they pay 80% of THAT. They say it is 80%, but it is actually 40% of the actual bill. But they insist they pay 80%, so the doctors double their rates so they get paid what they should be paid, anyway, giving the feds an excuse to accuse them of "padding their bills." Another con is the "baseline budget," where every agency gets a 10% INCREASE very year and, if Congress reduces that INCREASE by any amount, they CALL it a CUT!" These are cons that, if run by individual citizens, they'd put them in prison and throw away the key. But they get away with it, because all politicians, of both parties, say the same things. Some are just repeating the lie, and others "bought the BS." (Just common sense)

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