Thursday, August 9, 2018

That "Infamous" Immigration Policy

Ever since Trump announced his policy to NOT “catch and release” illegal aliens who ask for asylum until their hearings because a majority of them just didn’t show up for those hearings, and couldn’t be found, Dumocrats have been crying about it, USING the “separation of families” that would result as a “rallying cry” for their supporters, if not most Democrat Americans. This, of course, IGNORES the fact that EVERY criminal who has been jailed or sent to prison for ANY crime has been “separated from his/her family” because we never send their CHILDREN to jail with them. They ignore the fact that these people KNEW there was a chance they would be held until their hearings, and that their children would not be held with them, but would be “cared for” by the government during that time.

But they came, anyway. And they brought their children with them, KNOWING Dumocrats would “jump on” that and make a fuss about it, allowing them to “game the system.” And that’s what has happened. If those people had just met their responsibilities and appeared for their hearings, this policy would not have been necessary. Liberals (Dumocrats) are whining like Trump’s “policy” was just something he made up, while all he is doing is (finally) enforcing the LAW. They are whining and screaming about him ENFORCING THE LAW! How STUPID is that? They THINK that is an issue they can use to win the next election, and they’re WRONG, as usual. Trump and the Republicans are going to WIN, and win BIG! And liberalism (socialism) will be set back for years, if not forever. (American Patriot Daily)

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