Wednesday, August 8, 2018

"You Must Be A Racist!"

If you don’t agree with “Mad Max(ine) Waters, you MUST be a racist. She can’t figure out any reason why you would POSSIBLY not agree with her hair-brained ideas if you weren’t. That’s her schtick. If somebody disagrees with her, just call them a racist. Then she won’t have to argue with them on her silly ideas. She can win every argument without being right. So the fact that she’s black was a “gift from God.” It means she never has to argue on the issues. All the black politicians use that scam—most of them, anyway. I wish I could say she learned that from Obama, who benefited also from being black, even though he is as much white as he is black. But I really think HE learned that from HER. In any case, she’s been doing it a lot longer than he has. Both are phonies, who used their “blackness” as a WEAPON on their opponents. The people in her district (she doesn’t really live there) must really be STUPID, since they keep re-electing her. Or they just want to get rid of her so they keep sending her to DC. (Just common sense)

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