Monday, August 13, 2018

Not Advertising My Politics

I used to put bumper stickers on my car telling the world what I thought about the “issues of the day.” Until somebody threw rotten eggs all over my car. Since then, I haven’t advertised my politics locally on my vehicles because liberals are a “violent species.” They always have been, but they’re getting worse now, under the tutelage of people like “Mad Max(ine) Waters, a member of Congress for many years (Who should be removed), who is telling people to harass Trump supporters in public. They don’t have any answers to the policies of Republicans, so they “have hissy fits” all over the place. And she’s not alone. Liberals all over are “taking her advice,” not understanding how “way out there” it is. Recently, Sarah Sanders was “run out of a restaurant” while eating Dinner. Because she had the temerity to actually WORK for President Trump.

Others have suffered the same indignity, including (now former) EPA Director Scott Pruitt, who was doing such a good job, the liberals wanted to be rid of him, and he was easier than Trump. So they published phony stories about him. He resigned, citing that unfair treatment. Recently in Portland, a prayer group was praying together when they were violently ATTACKED by a liberal group that calls themselves, “Antifa,” intimating they were “fighting Fascism,” while using fascist thug tactics. They got their butts kicked, because they weren’t very good at it, and members of that prayer group, were. The upshot is that I’m 80, and not likely to be able to fight off such people as these people are. So I don’t wear “MAGA hats” and advertise my political beliefs locally, so liberal thugs can assault me and steal them, after throwing pop in my face. I’ll content myself with my daily blog updates, behind closed doors, where such fools will have a tough time finding me for their stupidities. (Just common sense)

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