Friday, August 17, 2018

He Couldn't Get A Gun

So he used a knife, killing and injuring many people, including a 3 year-old girl. The story doesn't say whether or not he tried to get a gun, just that he came to that birthday party in Boise, Idaho to kill. The article says they don't know if this was a "hate crime." But how could it be NOT a "hate crime?" Not necessarily your usual kind of hate crime, hate against Muslims (many Muslims lived there), but simply hate because he was earlier asked to leave because of his behavior. Looks like he hated that. Proof, again, that getting rid of guns will not stop such people from their evil deeds. Banning knives will not, either.

He will find something else. Like a club. You can make a club out of anything. A furniture leg, for instance. A baseball bat. If you start banning everything that can be used to kill or maim, you will soon be banning everything, and still people will attack and kill others, using things they can still get, or getting one of the banned objects ILLEGALLY. We keep telling the anti-gun fools this, but they keep on ignoring us and making their USELESS laws that do NOTHING to "solve the problem," but only make it worse, by disarming the law-abiding, making them "easy targets" for those who obey NO LAWS. (AP News)

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