Thursday, August 30, 2018

Unreliable Sources

One of the biggest SCAMS in today’s liberal media is the “anonymous source.” It allows them to MAKE UP stories, BASED on a “source that is unnamed, and reported as gospel. The best recent example of this is the “media explosion” that Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was going to testify to information that would “implicate Trump” in criminal activity! Based, of course, on an “unnamed source.” Which turns out to be false, given them by Lanny Davis, Cohen’s lawyer. Lanny “fessed up” later, saying he had “made a mistake.” Of course, that “mistake” got the “Go Fund Me” page for Cohen $400,000.00, most of which will go to Lanny Davis to pay for his “legal services.” Every time I see a “news story” based on an “anonymous source,” I discount it, until, or unless, I see other, NAMED sources for the same information. Yes, I can see the need to “protect” their sources, but the practice of basing such stories completely on UNNAMED “sources” leaves it open for much false reporting. Any story that comes to them from an “anonymous source” needs to be “fact-checked,” and other sources need to be consulted, to verify the information. I can think of countless “stories” I have seen, in “the news,” that are based ONLY on an “unnamed source.” Most news stories, in fact, are so based, and are thus questionable. (Just common sense)

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