Friday, August 10, 2018

It's A Media Circus!

A Republican representative was indicted on “insider trading,” and a “media circus ensued. He couldn’t go anywhere without a crowd of “reporters” and cameras following him everywhere he went, getting in his way and falling all over themselves. Under our laws, he is not guilty until PROVEN so, but the liberal media treats him as if he has already been convicted. Compare that with the liberal media’s treatment of a DUMOCRAT who was charged with a crime. Not so much. The media just wasn’t much interested in a crooked DUMOCRAT. But if a Republican gets into trouble, they POUNCE! If that doesn’t tell you where their sympathies lie, you’re just brain dead. Most people who don’t pay much attention to politics OR the news, except for the headlines, until just before an election when the lies are flying like locusts, don’t notice such things. But those of us who keep track of such things do notice. Whenever a Dumocrat gets into trouble (rarely because the fix is usually in) the liberal media has many other things to occupy their attention (surprise, surprise!). A Republican scandal is rare because they just don’t happen often. Dumocrat scandals don’t happen often because, when they’re caught, “the fix is in” and it is not treated as a scandal. Just like when Hillary Clinton was “cleared” by the FBI BEFORE their “report” even came out, while Trump is STILL being “investigated,” even though NO EVIDENCE of wrongdoing on his part has ever been found, although the search has been long and thorough. (Daily Caller)

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