Thursday, August 9, 2018

Berore Facts Are Known

The anti-gun fools were out Tweeting for more of their USELESS, INEFFECTIVE gun laws that only DISARM law-abiding people, leaving them DEFENSELESS against fools like the guy who shot up a newspaper office to kill some people. Gabby Giffords, a KNOWN anti-gun fool since getting shot in the head, Tweeted. "Summer interns shouldn't have to dodge bullets while doing their jobs....we need to do something about it." Yes, Gabby, your "insight" is stunning. Like a bullet. They SHOULDN'T have to "dodge bullets." They should be able to throw a few back at such fools, instead of having to hide under desks, cowering. Not a single one of your previous "gun laws" has done ANYTHING to put a stop to such massacres, so why should we bother to listen to you? If just a few of the law-abiding people working at that newspaper had been armed, they could have killed that shooter before he could kill five employees, and wound more. But Gabby just wants to DISARM good people. leaving the way open to fools like that shooter to come into a peaceful workplace and kill people, being pretty sure there will be no guns there to oppose him for several minutes. Ignoring the fact that the shooter had a PERSONAL grudge against this newspaper, the liberals "knee-jerk" blamed "Trump's anti-press rhetoric" for this outrage. (Breitbart)

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