Wednesday, August 8, 2018

More Voters Than Residents

This happens much more often than you’d imagine, and the election officials take no notice of it because they’re Dumocrats, and those extra voters usually vote Dumocrat. This is the kind of vote fraud that should be instantly detectable, but there is no system in place to detect it before, or during an election. Dumocrats have made sure they are “in charge” of the voting in most areas, and that’s one way they can CONTROL voting by IGNORING things like more voters in one area than there are residents. Chicago is one place where “dead voters” are so commonplace it is subject to JOKES about it—but nothing is done about it. There are many other ways to commit vote fraud, but this is one of the most obvious, and can be eliminated, if those Dumocrat “vote officials” would just DO something except IGNORE it. Maybe the Republicans should start eliminating Dumocrat majorities in selecting voting officials, so things like this can be recognized, and stopped. But that would require them getting off their butts and doing some work—which is against the principles of many Republicans, and that’s our biggest problem. (Great American Republic)

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