Friday, August 3, 2018

Got Their Butts Beat

Dumocrats, under their aliases, such as "Antifa," are "lofting things up" to violence on the people they disagree with. But they ain't very good at it. A bunch of Antifa thugs attacked a gathering of Christians in Portland the other day, and got their asses whipped. One guy took a cudgel to one of the Christians, got it taken away from him and flattened by one well-aimed fist in the face. The rest of them moved in, and they all got their butts whipped. The liberal media called it a 'clash of left-and right wing extremists."A "riot." (Google it) But, as usual, that was a LIE. It was an out-and-out ATTACK by liberal Antifa members, on a bunch of PEACEFUL Christians, gathered to pray. But one of those Christians was a well-trained fighter, having been trained by the military, and FLATTENED that Antifa member. The lesson here is, if you're going to commit violence, you're going to have to be better at it than the other side--or you're gonna get your butt beat. These guys were not. And they got their butts beat while the liberal media painted it as a "clash between two opposing extremist groups." (Knights Templar)

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