Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Anti-Gun Nonsense

In Great Britain recently, a man fired a paint ball gun as a “warning” to an intruder—and got charged with attempted murder of the intruder! A PAINTBALL gun! The intruder arrogantly told the farmer that, “I’m going to take your farm,” as he proceeded slowly toward the man brandishing a large stick. Whereupon the homeowner fired into the ground, stopping the man, who was carrying that stick in a threatening manner. After the homeowner had to have a private security firm to find and arrest the man, he later found the man (who was illegally trespassing on his property and threatening him with physical harm) had actually charged him with attempted murder, and the cops “bought it.” Talk about stupid cops! It is this kind of thing that gives the cops a bad name. In the trespassing attempt, the intruder told the man “the cops won’t arrest me,” and apparently, he was right. He must have “had the fix in,” and he knew it. The question being asked is, “How could there be attempted murder since the paint ball gun is NOT a deadly weapon?” The answer is that their law is so vague that a paintball gun COULD be labeled as a “deadly weapon.” That’s how anti-gun fools write the laws they con lawmakers into making and, since Britain has no Second Amendment, they get away with it. (Krugersdorp News)

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