Monday, August 6, 2018

"Trump's Hate Movement"

The media is calling the jeering and heckling of CNN’s Jim Acosta “the beginning of a hate movement by he Trump people.” These fools have a positive TALENT for MISLABELING their own excesses. Jim Acosta is KNOWN for his excesses, which are ALWAYS labeled as an excess on the part of the Trump person he is heckling. Meanwhile, some of the people the left has been oppressing are beginning to fight back, and they’re calling that “starting a war.” They say Trump is telling his people to “hate the press,” as if there were NO Reason not to like the way the press is automatically finding fault with ANYTHING Trump or his people do. They actually think everybody will believe their descriptions of events. And everybody who “pays no attention to politics” until just before an election, WILL. But not those with INTELLIGENCE, who DO pay attention to politics, ALL the time, because politics WILL pay attention to them, do NOT. People like Jim Acosta should have never been given press credentials. They abuse them, every day. But of course, CNN likes what Jim is doing because they think the same way. (Freedom’s Phoenix)

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