Friday, August 17, 2018

Shanann Watts Murdered

No, it’s not our Shanann Watts, the anti-gun fool. It’s a different woman, married to a monster, who it seems was dissatisfied with his marriage and decided to end it by MURDERING this beautiful woman and her two beautiful daughters. This is not the kind of thing I usually write about, because such stories do not usually involve politics or philosophy. But this one does. When this monster murdered these people, he inadvertently also murdered the baby his wife was carrying. She was 15 weeks pregnant. Colorado does not recognize a fetus as being a live human being, so, although he will face murder charges in the deaths of the others, he will face NO kind of murder charges in the death of this baby. If anybody else had killed that baby, they would face charges, but not the father. Politics, AND philosophy. Abortion IS murder, and this IS abortion, inadvertent as it was. This fool tried to play the victim, going on TV and pleading for them to “come home,” although he well knew, at the time, they were dead, at his hands, in lieu of divorce. I can’t think of any motive for this monstrous crime except to break up the marriage without losing his fine home or being forced to pay child support. But he actually wound up losing that home, and his life as he knew it. Under these charges, he will never again see the sky without a set of bars between him and it. And if things go right, he will be executed. Hopefully sooner, rather than later. Maybe the other prisoners when he arrives in prison will take care of that. The murder of his wife and two small children certainly warrant the death penalty. (CBS News)

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