Monday, August 20, 2018

Swiss Cheese Carjacker

This guy was out of control. He went through 2 counties shooting t people, finally ending up in El Paso County, where he tried to carjack a man. Bad idea. that man made him look like Swiss cheese, shooting him multiple times. It's a wonder he's still alive--but he is. He's in the hospital, facing charges in two counties, that include attempted murder. This is what happens when law-abiding people are able to have their own guns to defend against people like this. This is yet more evidence that the anti-gun fools are just that: fools. They want to DISARM all law-abiding people, leaving the way completely open for guys like this wannabe carjacker to victimize them. They think the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, to "prove to the bad guys you mean them no harm." That's a really STUPID thought, but that's the way anti-gun fools think. You can't defend yourself by making yourself defenseless. But that's something the anti-gun fools will never understand. They criticize Congress for not making more of their stupid, useless laws that do NOTHING to decrease "gun crime." But I have to ask them: what law would YOU make that is more effective than the ones commonly in use today? (KKTV)

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